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I’m the author of the Rescue Dog Romance series. The first book, Sit, Stay, Fall in Love, will be available for pre-order soon.

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A portion of the proceeds from the Rescue Dog Romance series will go to the Petfinder Foundation, whose mission is “to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home.”

About Sit, Stay, Fall in Love:

She wants a chance to fulfill her dreams.

Lizbeth is close to providing a stable home for her daughter Ivy, with a place for her dog training business. She has a plan, and if anything gets in her way, she’ll figure out a way around it–alone. Depending on other people has never worked for her, from her own parents to Michael, Ivy’s father. No reason to expect that to change, even with the arrival of a hunky ER doctor with shoulders broad enough to take on all her burdens. Unless David’s finally the one she can trust to stay.

He wants to get away from his nightmares.  

David is home to settle his cousin’s estate, so he can get back to being the capable, in-control ER doctor he was before Michael’s death shook his faith in himself. He’s not sleeping, and he can’t work–if he couldn’t save Mike, should he even be a doctor? If he can just get Mike’s big dog off his hands, maybe David can find a way to begin putting the past behind him. But when he sees pretty, courageous Lizbeth again,and meets her daughter, the image of his cousin … he knows all his plans have changed.

Can a mutt help two wounded people find a way back to life?

Sunny Jim is just a big, clumsy yellow mutt, but he needs a good home and people who love him. Are the humans around him smart enough to figure out that when they’ve found a good thing, they should sit, stay, and do whatever else is necessary to make it work?


“I just stopped by to see if you’d take the dog.”

She’d grabbed a glass from the drainer, but she set it down at his words. This was typical Michael. “What, is Michael too busy for him now?” She leaned back against the counter, shaking her head. “Can’t he just have the dog walker come more often? Or there’s a doggy daycare near his office–or there used to be, anyway.”

Lizbeth paused for a second, but David didn’t answer–just furrowed his brow at her, as if she were crazy. Narrowing her eyes,she went on. “And why didn’t he come himself? He’s too scared to ask me because he knows how I’d react–is that it?” Or maybe he was afraid to face her for other reasons.

David closed his eyes for a second, then looked her in the eye. “You might want to sit down.” His voice was quiet, even,talk-the-lady-off-the-ledge.

“Sit down, or calm down?” She yanked out a chair,plopped down on it. “Look at poor Sunny.” The dog had been lying down, but when he heard his name, he sat up and wagged his tail. “Yeah, he remembers me, he likes me, but he’s used to his home. He’s used to his routine. One good home isn’t the same as another to them, you know.”

“You haven’t heard.”

It wasn’t so much his words as his look that brought her up hard. He was an ER doctor, and he had that “Hold still. This might sting” look right now.

“Heard what?” she said, as dread scuttled down her back.