I grew up in New Jersey, where I learned to be scrappy and opinionated. However, I was raised by English people—the opposite of being raised by wolves—so I have a bad habit of apologizing when someone bumps into me. I also over-enunciate when I’m nervous. My childhood dreams included writing someone’s favorite book and kissing a boy from each inhabited continent.

I attended _MDF8273-1Cornell University before defecting to the UK, where I earned a degree in literature and linguistics from the University of Manchester. I worked as an au pair in Paris, where I learned to say “Stop that immediately!” and “Do you need your diaper changed?” in badly accented French. I’ve also lived in New York, but I now live in the mountains in Pennsylvania.

I’ve been a dog trainer, a marketing writer, an editor, a homeschooler, a security staff member, and a clown. My life has included great heights (skydiving) and depths (caving).

My hobbies include reading, hiking, camping, eating coffee ice cream, rescuing too many pets, raising too many children, and telling newcomers to my small town that I’m sleeping with the mayor (who happens to be my husband).