Wow, this is hard.

I read a number of blogs and enjoy them, but I get tongue-tied–or finger-tied, since I’m typing this–whenever I try to write a post on my own blog. I’m working on it.

For now, meet my current pups:

Here’s Bo Peep, my mom’s Portuguese Water Dog, whom I inherited. I was going for that cute foreshortened look (because I didn’t want you to see how badly she needs to be groomed). Bo is…fourteen? I’m a bad big sister.

Bo Peep. Mostly her head.









And here’s good old Martha (named after the picture book dog, before she became famous in cartoons) nuzzling an acorn. She thinks they’re toys. Don’t worry–she doesn’t ingest them.

Martha lying on my deck nuzzling an acorn


And here’s…no, this isn’t one of our dogs.

Big heap of hair on the floor with two paper eyes

This is a pile of hair I had just trimmed off Bo when my then three-year-old bit her finger and wouldn’t stop crying.

I already had the scissors out, and there was a piece of scrap paper handy, so…well, you may scoff at my crafting abilities, but it made my daughter laugh.